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The film is all about a dashing youth holding knife in his hand converts into a heart that is as soft as butter. Thanks to Sindhu Menon who throws a challenge to Dharma Darshan the ruffian to write a poem. In the process of writing a poem this deal master Dharma softens from nefarious activities. He falls in love with Kavya but he is forced to take up a murder that he has not done. In prison with colorful costumes Dharma meets yet another beautiful lass and she is the daughter of a law minister. In exchange of Dharma�s love the deal is fixed between Sindhu Menon and Manisha. For the release of hero Dharma Sindhu Menon should walk out from his life. While this is the usual happening the surprise factor is that Dharma gets a clue to the murderer of MLA Rajanna. Dharma out from the prison on bail is now in the company of Manisha but he has two dangers ahead. Manisha�s father � law minister has some one from aristocratic family as bridegroom for his daughter. But at the same time the law minister is also in danger from Dharma.
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